An Inscrutable Girl

Once on a fine morning (technically approx 2 in the night), i penned this poem. I have used blank verse which is my favourite style of writing.Maybe it is because there are no hassles of rhyming..(grin)

It was written in December 2006 out of a whim and i got it published in the Valentine’s Day issue of EVE TIMES, in 2007..Eve Times is a special feature newsletter of the TIMES OF INDIA.

I was overjoyed to see my poem in print in the local edition of the top newspaper of India(who will not be?) and it gave me renewed inspiration to keep writing..:-)

Feedback is welcome;-)

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She was so startled by the revelation. It was buried deep in the inner recesses of her mind. She was afraid to even accept it herself. And yet here it was. Shoved into her face without her having any clue how it could bypass her consciousness. She marveled at this ability of him. It came so naturally to him, she was shocked that it came from someone other than herself.

How he sounded so normal even when with her. He was as comfortable with her as he would be in his own skin. It was this thing that made her believe that they were ONE single entity. Like they had always known each other and existed in each other even when they hadn’t met. She was certain of things about him even before she asked him.

She didn’t know why she was so sure but she knew that the thought had a profound existence. It existed in him and her. They did not even have to confirm its presence with each other. It was an unspoken truth. It distinguished them and yet… brought them together.


Image Courtesy: ~photosmile [photograph]



Posted on: May 31, 2010

Yours truly was the official photographer for the engagement ceremony of her cousin Reeva :)




Life is one big roller coaster. It takes time to grab a pace but once you are there, there’s no stopping you. Aim big and you reach there. Enjoy the view from the top. But don’t get complacent. Just when you think you are at the heights, there comes a plunge. But here is the trick .Hold on long enough and you will be soaring yet again.
There shall be life’s signature curves. Go through with grace.Come out with grace and wisdom.
And its all about the journey. Not the end. Life will come on full circle. But its just that, those moments that bring butterflies in your stomaching fluttering like hell, ARE the moments worth living for.

Go on. Create your moments.

Learn. Let Go. Laugh. Love. Live.


If you were my manager, then :
2 hours back when i was sitting there in your cabin, you would be wondering ‘Is there an electromagnetic field up there in my cabin?’ and get distracted while teaching me the dynamics of teams.

Because seriously when i went up to the washroom after the meeting, i realized that my hair was in awe fully worse state as if i had just stepped out of a Van De Graff generator. Or who knows maybe if you were a meteorologist you would run down and create a false alarm of lightning.

Who except me can go into my manager’s cabin with that sort of hair and with message tee that says ‘ Department of Redundancy’? And when your manager uses the word ‘redundant’, you know that the recent feelings of ‘Nostradamus’ that you have had are, by no chance, a fluke.


I realized that suddenly i am incapable of unconditional love. I hope its just a phase.


I just noticed an extra button under the Appearance section on my wordpress dashboard.
Its Typekit fonts where you can use different fonts on your wordpress blog.

For a font lover like me, this was just what was needed.

For all you guys out there check out one of my favourite websites for free fonts


The problem with the illusion that it has been accomplished
-George Bernard Shaw

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