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Hi..How come you are here? Ans: Coincidence

Posted on: October 13, 2008

Honestly, how many times has it happened to you that you were at some place and some acquaintance walked up to you or maybe you spotted the acquaintance?  Whatever. But how many times? Twice , thrice maybe ten times.

Since the last few years, this situation has occured for me innumerable times.

And then the usual talk on exchanging notes on how come we were there. Long time. No see. etc etc

The statistics of this happening almost competes with the things-people-say statistics.

Its almost a record. Wherever i go, i meet someone. That someone may be anybody. My aunt or your aunt or my society fellas, college flashmates( people you know by only face), or college not-so-great mates, your cousins neighbour(!!), school mates you haven’t seen for years and with which you shared a bench.

I have met them all…outside!

And it all boils down to one thing. One big word: Coincidence.

I knew that when all this started that it was weird but then i read Deepak Chopra’s Synchrodestiny. And it said the more you pay attention to such coincidences the more they happen. So here we are. So here I am . Caught in a circle of coincidences.

And the cool thing is that now if i am on my way home and after almost a day out , if i still have not met my friends’ cousins’ aunt’s daughter, then i am worried about my record. Lets see.

The coincidence is waiting at the next traffic signal.  

Some extra facts about my coincidences:

The latest one: a batchmate from my 12th std. in the same shop.

The most weird one: My cousins aunt saw me from state transport while i had been walking with my boy best friend on the road. From the window at the signal. Weird!

The most persistent one: My college crush (at Xavier’s) and me always ended up crossing each others paths. God knows how!

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