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Who Moved My Blackberry?

Posted on: October 15, 2008

From: Krutika Anand
To: All the precious co-life who read this!


Just read “Who moved my Blackberry?” by Lucy Kellaway who is a journalist for The Financial Times. She must be one smart soul to work for the pinkest paper on the scene!

And her smartness flashes from the book directly in your face when you see that she has managed to chronicle 12 months of a corporate honcho while he manoeuvres his personal life and corporate life through the ups and downs aided by his own Martin Lukes philoshophy and the The Executive Bronze Life Coaching Program with Pandora of CoachworX, all in the form of emails dashed right, forward and centre.

The book full of tos and froms may be classified as self help, business book, comical, satirical ..umm i cant think of more categories.. Albeit self help in a different manner than the regular ones.

The book almost made me feel as if i was a part of the company too. And you can feel the enthusiasm for the company wash over you. Bottomline:There is lot to be learnt from the book if you are related to business in any manner.

Excerpt From The Book:
{i like this excerpt the best because i already knew this and followed it and Lucy couldn’t have put it into better words}

In essence there are three sorts of relationship-

  • The energy draining relationship-you do not want these people in your life!
  • The energy dependent relationship-there is a balance here but it’s not extraordinary.
  • The energy exchange relationship-this works like a rocket, where the other person’s energy will help catapult you to being better than your best.

You must make some choices Martin, I want you to be really honest and think of your relationships. Which ones hold you back, and which ones blast you into space?

Strive and Thrive!

P.S. The particular form of Lucy’s writing ie. through email may get to you sometimes, but if you hold on to the end, it’s worth it! How much can be achieved through the narration in mostly only Martin’s emails surprises me!


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