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Posted on: December 7, 2008

I woke up yesterday after almost 15.5 hours of sleep. Told ya i am a voracious sleeper. At such times, i really feel a great rush of love towards my mom who never minds when i gradually pay off my accumulated sleep debts.

Its best when you wake up by yourself- without the alarm. You feel so fresh. There is not a single thought flying to and fro through your synapses. Thats what i felt yesterday. Then it occured to me that i have no thought in my mind-like a child perhaps.  But then this qualifies as a thought. Then how can i be thoughtless?


Okay you might say that the time when there was no thought was ‘t’ and the time when it occured to me that there was no thought in my mind was ‘t+δt’…

But δt→0. What of that?

So it is a paradox, you see. And , i love paradoxes.

Another example is the title of this post.

Yet another : I never write anything in italics coz i hate it.

Yet another: My email signature : “Expect the unexpected”. Tito(my boss at Maxim) says its a nice brand name for myself. So it must be….


3 Responses to "No Title"

There are times when one is thoughtless and doesn’t even realize. Ever thought about that?:P

Coming to paradoxes, do you think good morning is a paradox? esp for job-going and lecture-attending species?

Yes i also have experienced that! great…when i talked about this to my cousin she dint want to believe can one be thoughtless…
so v r in company eh? i think good morning is an intermittent paradox ;-)

yeah. lets say great minds (dont) think alike

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The problem with the illusion that it has been accomplished
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