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Too many ‘multiples’

Posted on: November 30, 2009


I had my first email ID in 10th (2000). I was really ahead of my times. My first ID at rediff. Then i got two other for myself at indiatimes. One of these was combined email ID with my best friend ‘SOUL’. Yeah! I still remember the password. I just dont wanna activate these IDs all over again. And then i created one at yahoo which i have not accessed since 4-5 months. At last count i live with two yahoo IDs which are really in use and two at gmail.

I think i should really go see a doctor for this.



I have a basic wordpress blog where your eyes and brain are processing information right now. I have one at blogger so that i could run ads. But it lost the contest to wordpress. I have another photoblog here which i hardly update. :|



Yeah Opera rocks! Its my basic browser. But when you need to access any govt site you obviously need IE. Then i have Chrome , Firefox and Safari too. I even have Lunascape. Ever heard of it? I dont think so.Then the problem starts. Synchronizing between browsers.

More importantly synchronizing between home PC, office PC and mobile browser bookmarks. Phew! Thank god for Opera Link.

Move on  to:


No there is no ‘multiple’ here coz i need to synchronize status messages of all my social networking accounts. Facebook, Orkut and Skype.

Life is so tough! And i am so demented! Turns out i have multiple-syndrome-syndrome!



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