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Applying a simile to life

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Life is one big roller coaster. It takes time to grab a pace but once you are there, there’s no stopping you. Aim big and you reach there. Enjoy the view from the top. But don’t get complacent. Just when you think you are at the heights, there comes a plunge. But here is the trick .Hold on long enough and you will be soaring yet again.
There shall be life’s signature curves. Go through with grace.Come out with grace and wisdom.
And its all about the journey. Not the end. Life will come on full circle. But its just that, those moments that bring butterflies in your stomaching fluttering like hell, ARE the moments worth living for.

Go on. Create your moments.

Learn. Let Go. Laugh. Love. Live.


2 Responses to "Applying a simile to life"

Umm hmm,
“its all about the journey. Not the end” ?

copy cat or coincidence? :)

its called inspiration babu :).. waise i do believe in the journey thing…its just that you reinforced my belief

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The problem with the illusion that it has been accomplished
-George Bernard Shaw

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