An Inscrutable Girl


I m Krutika Anand..I hail from Ahmedabad,India..m 22 goin on 23..and just completed my M.Sc. in Electronics

I think only one word describes me the best:
In case u make a run 4 the dictionary….when u find the meaning..plz tell me also…(Its not that i hav landed a weird job of marketing xyz dictionary) (grin)
still reading??!!!Ok the word exists n so do i..
If u think it describes me then let me know n spread a little joy in the world.
And if u think it doesn’t then meet me…..i will sue u(though i will hav to think..sue u 4 what?)still reading??!!!!
Buy yourself a really big chocolate 4m me if u hav guessed by now that i hav a Superego and an Ego too…that too with a big E
And i am quite sensitive,cute,sweet,good natured, friendly by nature n brunette by birth n an eternal romantic at heart…n i m completely mad for RAINS…..Quite a short(????!!!!)introduction,,isn’t it?

And I m just like this..I just love sleeping.. ;-)



23 Responses to "ABOUT ME"

::::::(=’ :’):::::::(=’ :’)::::::(=’ :’):::::(=’ :’)::::::
A friend is a treasure
All should know,
To help you through
The rain and snow.

To stand by you
And hold your hand,
To give advice
And understand.

With hugs galore
And when in need,
A bunch of laughs
So good indeed.

So when you need
A friend someday
Just look for me,
I will show you the way.
::::::(=’ :’):::::::(=’ :’)::::::(=’ :’):::::(=’ :’)::::::

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Unfortunately I’m not in college, or I would enter that contest for sure. I hope that you will. I enjoy the tech saavy content of your blog. I just finished re-formatting an external drive to act as read/write between my mac and ubuntu. I’m sure I’ll be stopping by here for more tips. Thank you again, and pleased to meet you.

Autrelle Holland

Hello. Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am no longer in college.

To be honest, I never finished reading atlas shrugged. Read about 2/3 of it. It is quite a long book. The ideas are very fascinating and because of that book, I am a true believer in capitalism and free markets.

I also wanted to respond to comment on your wordpress name: recherche. It is the strangest thing. I just read that word for the first time in another book I’m reading: Godel, Escher, Bach by Hodstatler (sp?). I might be giving the game away, but the word means, in a nutshell, to search. I think there is more connotation to the word, but I have not really heard the word used to know better.

Perhaps that is why you are asking your readers to find out its meaning, so they will have to search. But just in case you really didn’t know.

Farewell, hope we run into each again.

Thanks for the kind words,appreciate it hey.

Much thanks for dropping by my little \”Playpen.\” :) I remember this novel entitled \”A la Recherche du temps Perdu\” by Marcel Proust which, translated in English, would either mean \”In Search of Lost Time\” or \”Remembrance of Things Past.\” That would mean recherche is either Search or Remembrance, In a literal and figurative sense.

The suspense is out:
re·cher·ché [r? shèr sháy]
1. rare and exquisite: marked by such rare and exquisite quality that it is known only to connoisseurs
2. appreciating fine things: having a deep appreciation of unusual or choice things
a recherché taste in sculpture

3. affected: marked by excessive refinement or exaggerated importance
Some of his ideas are a little recherché for my taste.

[Late 17th century. From French , the past participle of rechercher , literally “to seek thoroughly,” from chercher “to seek.”]
Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

hmm, nice to see you :-)

Nice blog… you have great idea in blogging… keep the good post of it… :)

Hi Krutika..delighted that you have visited my blog Thanks..

Hmmm….I am more like a spontaneous person. So, if clients do not like my design, I just delete them out of frustration and clients who like some designs, those designs I do not store Well, am yet to host a website of my own, I just turned 18 so can fix some formalities in ther..

Btw, thanks for a warm welcome It feels nice to have a friend when you are new

hi… blogwalking
nice to see u, sweety blog

Hi Krutika! I stumbled on ur blog from indiblogger and I loved it on first site because we have the same theme!:)
Says something abt similar tastes, right?
I went through your posts n i noticed that u like music and lyrics…i love the movie too!
Tc…n m subscribing to ur rss feed btw….
p.s. I am gujju…have relatives in ahmedabad..based in mumbai…visit ahmedabad often i must say!:)
p.s2. Friends?

‘blog twin’ is the right word!!! my brother is doing his engineering in electronics and communication! freaky, ya?

I’m also a blogger like u :) I’m in 21+ form Sri Lanka and follow HND in Multimedia. I invite you to checkout my blog and post a comment. Keep in touch :)

I did a search for connoisseur and cam across your post on recherché. I think I will use it on my site. Nice word!

I did a search for connoisseur and cam across your post on recherché. I think I will use it on my site. Nice word!

Hello from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA!

Just wanted to say that I think you are so beautiful! I wish I could meet a girl as gorgeous and intelligent as you!!!

Your not-so-secret admirer,

nice togo thro this blog..
u seem to be fascinated with the recherche word ..its means to research in very basic terms..
i study you?

Kya Aap Rangoli Bhar Rahi Ho?

interested in you….

Hey, I enjoy reading your posts. You and your readers might like this
video that a friend sent me. It’s a Bollywood version of an iTunes
spot. Keep up the good work blogging!

– Kiran

I must admire..
Wonderful blog and mesmerizing posts..
Really loved dem all.
about two years back i read a poem in times of india’s speaking tree column with ur name under it..
since that long m a fan of ur’s..

Anticipating ur reply!

awesum pro kruthi…impressed

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The problem with the illusion that it has been accomplished
-George Bernard Shaw

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